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[PERFORMANCE] 140830 MBC Ulsan Summer Festival (USF) - Block B HER

[CLIP] 140828 MCountdown Begins Block B Cut

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[JAEHYO] Doesn’t it look delicious http://t.co/rxXvL67WcP
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[JAEHYO] Sorry We can’t leave at night so through the mirror, I took a picture of the night view I want to take a picture without the mirror

[JAEHYO] Sorry I meant window not mirror

[JAEHYO] Been too long in Japan so Korean is a wittle difficolt


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[FASHION KING KOREA 2] #Fashion King Korea #Fashion #Style #BlockB #Zico #PO

Block B’s Zico and P.O are doing their mission with designer Ko Taeyong We put in photos of their first meeting and them having an idea meeting for their title look mission

You can watchi Fashion King KOrea on SBS every week on Saturday at 12:15, Sundays on funE at 1 PM, and Sunday night on Plus at 11 PM!


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[TOWER SHIBUYA] We took a picture of Block B at the end of today’s event! The staff were overwhelmed at the fan’s heat! The Tower Shibuya store will support Block B with all our strength from now on! Thank you! pic.twitter.com/lfpBs4vKSf

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[ZICO] Olltii @.almightii You worked really hard

My child~~~

Bobby is cool!!!


[VIDEO] 140825 Mnet Wide U-Kwon MC + Block B Cut

[SHOW] 140827 Ameba - Block B (Premium Broadcast) (cr; dongtae1002y)

[SHOW] 140827 Ameba Studio - Block B (Part 2) (cr; dongtae1002y)

[SHOW] 140827 Ameba Studio - Block B (Part 1) (cr; dongtae1002y)

[SHOW] Fashion King 2 Episode 2 - Block B Cut

[PERFORMANCE] 140826 SBSfunE The Show Block B HER + Ending